Flames of Destiny: Dualing Championship
Flames of Destiny: Dualing Championship


Zack Xargus


Korin Vanick

Opening Theme:

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Ending Theme:

Baby's It's You

Followed By:

The Final War Arc

Proceeded By:

Resurrection of Evil Arc


Plot SummaryEdit

Zack VS Kain & Akuhiei (Finale)Edit

The time for the final battle of the Dualing Championship has finally arrived, and Zack is in the arena with Kain and Akuhiei. Kain is thrilled to finally be here and Akuhiei and hoping that everyone will enjoy this. Zack still looks uneasy about this and hopes that nothing bad will happen. Zack and the Ragnos Brothers are heavily exhausted from the intense battle, and Zack asks them if they're done yet. Now that he is in his U.F.W. form, Zack now intends to go all-out on the Ragnos Brothers one last time. With the final battle coming to it's conclusion,

Zack VS Selia (Possessed)Edit

As Zack hurries to inform his friends and family that Korin and Zarvik are plotting to gain the power of Urizen, he sees a person on the distant on the bridge. As the fog clears, he sees Selia looking pale and rushes to her as he asks her if she's alright. She simply just hugs him gently, and Zack apologizes for making her so worried. However, Selia says "Please...Zack. Get....away!" and her eyes turn to yellow with target marks and a symbol of Vanick appears on her forehead, along with marks over her eye-lids. Zack gets confused, but at that moment, he is suddenly impaled through his chest to his back by shining extended claws from Selia's hand, and Zack reacts to this while blood comes out of his mouth. He thinks to himself of what's happening, and Selia pulls out her hand, much to Zack's immense internal bodily pain. As Zack finally manages to reach he tree of where Lord Zarvik was slained, Selia appears from his right at the distance and fires Heavenly darts at Zack to incapacitate him. Zack manages to dodge them but has a hard time of keeping his balance. Selia soon dashes toward him and Zack sees Zarvik's spirit controlling her from inside her soul, and puts himself into defence. However, the possessed Selia discharges a light wave that pushes him towards the giant tree.

Dark Zack VS KorinEdit

Hearing Selia's cry for help, an enormous column of darkness explodes inside Zack's body and unleashes a massive explosion that rattles the planet. Everyone gets scared from this and Kain and Akuhiei wonder what's happening. Aeon and Neon think they should go to where Zack was killed, and Lucian and Esther said that they should hurry. The other superiors also want to see what's happening, and their parents followsuit. Michael then asks Mammon if he'll help him to find that massive rumble that occured, and he agrees. Revan and Kayle, along with their companions soon follow along to where everyone is going. Back to where the others are at, Helena and Selia sees the darkness from where Zack was and wonders in surprise and concern if what happened just now, and Alexander and Eileen watch on.

Dark Zack's Return

Dark Zack is reborn anew.

Korin looks surprised to see that Zack has somehow came back to life. However, as the dark smoke clears, it is none other than Dark Zack in Zack's Wolfian form. Helena, Alexander, Eileen, and Selia are shocked and speechless of seeing that Zack has drastically changed somehow. As they look on in confusion and concern, Dark Zack looks to Selia and walks to her. Selia is frightened, but somehow knows that Dark Zack means no harm. As Dark Zack stands before her, while she is on the ground, he suddenly hugs her gently, much to everyone's surprise. Selia is speechless, yet slightly blushes from the hug. Dark Zack then tells her thanks for bringing him back to existance, as he brushes her hair smoothly, and that it is now time for himself to protect her this time. Dark Zack then wipes away Selia's tears and tells her to stay back, and that he can do what Zack has wished him to do, and even smiles to her heartfully, and Selia sees this with some measure of comfort. Korin questions Dark Zack on who or what he is, and Dark Zack stands up turns to him coolfully. Dark Zack tells him that he's the Darksider of Zack Xargus, the one named Dark Zack, and Korin and the rest hear this with shock and concern. Korin just maintains his composure after a second, and then says that since he's a darksider, one of the dark, he will exterminate him for good. Korin then summons his Swords of Ragnarok to prepare for battle. Dark Zack chuckles from this and asks Korin if he intents to challenge him to the death. Korin tells him that, as the future savior of all existance, he will destroy anyone who is of darkness, and will not show a shred of mercy to them, no matter who or what they are. Starting with Dark Zack, and then everyone else of the darkness. Dark Zack then makes a "hmph" and tells Korin in a grin that it's unwise to make such arrogant threats, for they always make him seem so weak. Korin dashes to him with his sword, but at that moment, Dark Zack appears from behind and slashes his back with his claws. Korin is surprise to see that he was able to get behind him without being able to sense his presence, but that it matters not. Korin attempts to strike in a horizontal strike at a 180-degree angle, but Dark Zack just grabs the sword with only one finger, and it causes a massive wave of destruction. Korin is surprised by this, and thinks to himself if something is wrong. Dark Zack tells him that there is nothing wrong with him, but that it's only his power that is not doing the work, especially that he's on the wrong side of this, and Dark Zack pushes him 1,000 feet away with his index finger, and Korin gets a heavy impact from the push.

Dark Zack 003

Dark Zack grins to Selia and the rest and assures them to not worry.

Korin is speechless to see that a mere Darksider is able to best him so easily, despite that they just started fighting. Dark Zack tells him that if he has no other powers to show him, then it'll soon be over for him, as Dark Zack cracks his fist in exercise fashion. Korin gets angry and fires Waves of Light to Dark Zack to distract him so that he can attack him on surprise. However, the waves are cut away by Dark Zack's hands, and Dark Zack tells him that he'll have to do better than that. Korin then dashes at him in high-speeds and continues to attack him with multiple combos. However, Dark Zack just dodges them casually, and tells Korin that it's no use for a frontal assault, and kicks him away with ease, sending him a long distance away with an impact on the ground. Dark Zack now resorts to show him his Cerunga to see if he can dodge it, or block it. Korin tells him that a Cerunga is no match for him, even if it's from the likes of him. However, as Korin still talks, Dark Zack unleashes his Darkness Cerunga, and it causes great destruction within Korin's range and going at a speed faster than anticipated. Seeing that the Cerunga that Dark Zack has unleashed, Korin desperately tries to block it with his Shields of Light, but they instantly shattered by the Darkness Cerunga's power. Korin is greatly inflicted by the attack, but can still be able to stand from it. Dark Zack is impressed by his physical strength, and wonders on how long he can last. Not wanting to waste any more time with Dark Zack, Korin now unleashes his fully-powered Ragnarok Summoning Swords to finish Dark Zack for good, and Dark Zack looks on with some degree of displeasement. Alexander and Eileen see the attack coming at Dark Zack's location and become scared of losing him from that full-powered attack. Helena and Selia scream out in concern to Dark Zack to get out of there, but Dark Zack just turns and looks at them with no expession nor fear of the incoming attack. As the attack comes closer, they plead for him to get out of there again with tears slightly streaming out from their eyes, but as the attack makes contact with Dark Zack's skin, it suddenly explodes into a million pieces, leaving Dark Zack completely unharmed and unfazed, and to Helena, Alexander, Eileen, and Selia's surprise, and to Korin's shock. Dark Zack tells them not to worry, for he is the Darksider of Zack Xargus, and as he gives a menacing grin, he tells them that, like Zack, he has no intention of dying today, for his desires are the same as his.

Dark Zack then turns to Korin and tells him that it is about time to end this fight, and for everyone to know that he is a fraud and an evil man that wanted to murder an entire innocent race for no good reason. Korin then tells him that this fight is far from over, and that the Sith'arians are not innocent, but are an evil and arrogant race that deserves to be exterminated. Dark Zack looks to him with displeasement, and is sorry to hear that, but this fight is about to be over now. Dark Zack even tells him that he knows that he [Korin] used his daughter to kill the man she loves the most, and have her ended Zack with the blood on her hands. Dark Zack looks to Korin with a face of anger and fury, and tells him that if there is anyone who is evil and arrogant, it is himself [Korin] for using his daughter so heartlessly to kill the man she loves. Suddenly, everything turns into darkness around everyone, and Korin looks frightened of what is about to happen. Dark Zack says that he will not let himself lose to someone like Korin, for he is a man would abandoned his heart in the name of hatred and attempt to annihilate the Sith'arians. Dark Zack then lifts up his right hand, and massive spires of earth erupt around him and prepare to attack. Korin keeps his guard, but as Dark Zack launched them to him in high-speeds, Korin's shield broke again, and he received some damage, and the darkness gone out of sight. But as the darkness clears, Korin sees that everyone that he knows are now where they are, and Zack's friends and family members are now there to see what is happening. Dark Zack appears behind Korin, and Korin swings his sword to him, but Dark Zack disappears. Then suddenly, Korin is being slashed away swiftly by countless strikes, and Dark Zack is seen from a distance with a grin, and Korin begins to fall to his knees. Dark Zack says that this will be over soon, and for Korin to have a moment of remorse for what evil he had done.

Everyone sees this with disbelief, and wonder if this is really Zack that their seeing with their own eyes right now. Edward can tell that this isn't Zack, at least not fully, but it is his darksider that has lived within him for a long time, and Revan, Kayle, Alek and the rest agree, but everyone is slightly speechless from this. Michael and the Created Siblings wonder if that Korin fellow is going to give up, as he is no match for Dark Zack in many ways, and Kain and Akuhiei, along with their friends and families also wonder the same thing. However, Korin looks to Dark Zack and says that a dark being like him has no right to tell him what to do, and what he is doing is not wrong, but is justice. Dark Zack looks with pity and tells him that does having his daughter kill the man she loves is justice, or simply an act of evil intention. Everyone hears this with shock and silent outrage, Korin remains silent, and Dark Zack says that it won't matter what he says now, for the truth is now out in th open, and Korin asks on what he is talking about. Dark Zack then reveals to Korin from his coat-pocket that he had a recorder from Edward to hear all the conversation that just happened earlier, and it has send word to all in the universe, much to Korin's shock, and to Edward's surprise and thankfullness. Dark Zack tells Edward that he is a very good friend to him and Zack, and that he's happy to actually meet him face-to-face with a smile, and Edward thanks him for that with a shy face and while scratching his neck, while Alexandra is holding on his arm with some congrates. Dark Zack then turns his head to Korin and clarifies that now everyone now knows that Korin is a fraud and a traitor to those who trusted him and looked up to him, and will now see him as nothing more than a monster in human flesh, and a dispicable fraud that did everything out of evil intentions.

Dark Zack VS Korin

Dark Zack appears behind Korin.

Dark Zack finishes Korin

Dark Zack defeats Korin with an explosive blow.

Dark Zack now declares this to be his end, and is now going to go all-out. Korin quickly goes back from the little revelation of conspiracy, and tells Dark Zack that that little gizmo is useless, and that he'll wipe everyone's mind with his powers. But as Korin continues to boast, Dark Zack then dashes in high speeds and appears in front of Korin, and delivers him a kick to the face that sends him flying to the skies, and giving Korin a bloody scar of his face, and is now an "X". Korin regains his balance, but as he does, he sees that Dark Zack has replicated himself into five people. They then fire their Cerungas, Grand King Cerungas, Chidorans, Rasenmas, Galinshias, and their Kasenmas. As the attacks go at Korin in high speeds, Korin attempts to defend himself with his Ragnarok Barrier, and calls them useless waste of energies. However, as he does, Dark Zack is seen from behind with his right hand burning with dark energy, and Korin tries to block it with his shield quickly. However, the shield shatters, and Dark Zack impales Korin in the chest through the back. Korin begins coughing blood, and Dark Zack asks him if he really didn't think he would be stupid, and that those clones of him were just to distract him long enough to attack him from behind. As the attack are about to impact on them in seconds, Dark Zack tells Korin to look and that he has his Sword of Destiny in his left hand and it is fully energized with his Getsuga attack. Korin screams out to Dark Zack to not do it, Dark Zack strikes him with full might, and the others attack collide with the Getsuga and cause a vastly powerful explosive dome of dark destruction in the skies above, and everyone tries to guard against its powerful magnitude.

With the fight over, the dark clouds then begin to clear, and everyone sees what has happened.

Zack & Selia VS Zarvik (Finale)Edit

Zack runs to Zarvik, and Zarvik now unleashes his fully-powered Dark God Ragnarok Blast, Selia finally shoots her Shining Arrow to Zarvik's attack. As the arrow collides with Zarvik's blast, Zack now says that it's time to end this and that Zarvik has mocked them, so now it's time to show him their true power. Zack now unleashes his Backlash Wave to Zarvik's blast, and it is then combined with the Backlash Wave, much to Zarvik's surprise.

Zack VS Korin (Finale)Edit

Even with Zarvik finally wiped from existance, Korin still wishes to continue with the plan to recreate existance to a more peaceful and more justful place. And will use the sword of Naught and the Affinity Gauntlet to do it. He now declares a death match to Zack to prove who will be the savior of all known existance, and who will be the one that will fall to nothing. Zack, however, pleads to Korin to put this path to an end. But Korin still wants to fight him to prove that he himself [Korin] is the one who will be the savior of all. But at that moment, Vanessa Vanick appears on the scene and begs her husband to stop this. Korin, still disuaded, thinks that his wife is siding with the enemy of life and order and orders her to step away from Zack, but she doesn't. Vanessa says that Zack love Selia more than anyone, and was risking his life to save her and everyone else. But Korin says that he's tricking them and says that he doesn't love anything, for he is a monster. But Vanessa says that HE, Korin, is the monster. Because he planned for Zack's death nearly 2 months ago. He tried to have the insane doctor named Dr. Mason, turn every innocent people in the universe into Black Plague Mutants. He had Kannra brainwashed by Vrook Lamar to activate the Rings of Naught to slaughter the Sith'arians with one genocidal strike. Had Gabriel to unleash the Dark God Urizen to rise and gain its power and Dantas's. And now, tried to have Zarvik to purge all of existance of Sith'arians again. But worst of all, used his own daughter to kill the man she loves. She asks Korin to put an end to this cycle of hatred and come back to his senses, because she loves her husband. However, Korin laughs manically and says that he's not insane, and wants to kill Zack and his friends to save all of existance from him and the Sith'arians. He even says that he won't ever let go of his desire to annihilate the Sith'arians, for they are an evil and arrogant race that will lead all of existance to destruction, just like the ones from his past wanted when his parents were killed. Before Vanessa tries to reason with him again, Zack tells her not to continue, for Korin will only gets even more hateful if she continues. Zack tells Korin that he is wrong about everything, and that the Sith'arians only want to bring peace, harmony and love to all sides of existance, and never to spead war and violence on the innocent. But Korin yells at him to not give him anymore lies, and declares that they start their battle now. Seeing no other way, Zack agrees to fight Korin, but to only have him see that he's wrong.

With their battle now comensing, Zack only goes into his Alpha Omega Wolfian form and fights Korin on even ground.

As Korin tries to get up, Zack asks him to stand down, for he is only humiliating himself. Hearing this, Korin gets enraged and says that he is the savior of existance, and will not die to the likes of Zack. With one last desperate attempt, Korin uses his ability of light to. However, Vanessa stands in his way, trying to stop him from killing Zack. Korin lashes at her to stay out of his way, for he must kill it [Zack]. But Vanessa says that she won't, and Korin snaps at her to do it, or he'll kill her for defying him, but still Vanessa stands between Korin from Zack. She tries to get him back to his humanity, for she doesn't want him to go where no one wants to follow. She again says to let his hatred go, or it'll only consume him in the end. However, in a silent moment, Korin gives a menacingly cold face, and stabs Vanessa with his light spear through her chest and heart area, much to Zack, Selia and everyone's great shock. Vanessa shows great shock and sorrow in her eyes and says Korin's name, as she bleeds from the mouth and cries. Korin says in a sinisterly evil grin that if no one is with him, then they are his enemy, and has now fell into complete evil and nothingness. As Korin pulls out his extended spear from her, Vanessa begins to fall to the ground, but was caught by Daira in time. Daira expresses his disgust to Korin, for he has finally fallen to nothing, just like God did. Daira begins to leave, but was stopped by Zack when he asked him to look for Mammon and Maya at the battlefield. Daira acknowledges and leaves in an instant. Korin looks to Zack and says that it's time to end this. However, Zack appears behind Korin and slashes him on the back. He then grabs him from the back neck and throws him far away. As Korin barely gets up, Zack asks why would Korin go through all this just to kill a race that has never even harmed anyone. Korin tells him again to not give him anymore lies, for he is the monster that will destroy us all. Zack, with a sad expression on his face, now says that Korin is no longer a person anymore, and comments to him that he is just like Vrook, for he feels sorry for him too, as he sheds tears on his face, and had wished that they could be a family. Zack now goes into his Pride Incarnation, and unleashes two large spires of Dark Shadows on Korin, and finishing him with his move Double Shadow Blade. Korin is falling from the skies, and Zack summons Greed and Wrath to use their Resolve/Instincts Fang Over Fang technique. They attack him and Korin is bloody all over his body, despite that he tried to defend himself with his barrier, but it shatters from the second the attack hit. As Zack then summons Envy and Guttony, he tells them to unleash their special Cerungas on Korin, and it damages him even further. And finally, Zack summons Sloth and Lust to finish this with Kasenma and Galinshia, and Korin is battered to a pulp. As Korin is losing badly, Zack looks into his memories on how he fell to nothingness to begin with.

Korin begins to look back on his past and sees himself as a 5-year-old prince that lives with his parents. He nows sees the memory of his parents that were killed in their bedroom and sees three sithlords that did the deeding murder on that night. He is horrified by this and screams out in anger and sadness, resulting in a flash of light. The three sithlords are shown to be dead and Korin is exhausted on the floor. As the years followed, Korin trained hard and studied in every way of combat and stratigy, but still held on to his deep hatred of those of the dark and swears that he will purge all of existance of dark ones and bring about the peaceful and orderly existance that he so wishes. It also shows a flashback to where Korin talked to Zarvik about bringing back the Dark God Urizen to life, for it is a creature of darkness. Korin says that God created it to exterminate the Sith'arians, so it is a creature of justice and order. Not a being of the dark. Zarvik laughs and says that if that's what he believes then that's fine with him. Korin says to Zarvik before entering the Hall of Rebirth, that he wants Zarvik to kill Zack and his friends, as well as the sith'arians when he gains the power of Lord Zarvik and the complete energy of the Dark God Urizen. Zarvik agrees to this, and closes the door. However, on the other side, Zarvik comments that Korin's evil and hatred far surpasses his and the Death Brothers put together. For his soul is filled with the blackest, most evil thing in all of existance. And as the light of memory fades, Korin is seen with a great slash to the chest by Zack's Sword of Destiny in Pride form, and it hits right at the heart area. Korin barely stands near a cliff on back, but is about to lose balance. He now falls and has one last thought "I wanted to bring about the existance filled in peace and order, yet I didn't have the power to do it. And it was all because of that abomination [Zack]. How can I lose to that monster? How?! I hate them. I hate them all with all my heart and soul. I want to get stronger, stronger than anyone in existance. I don't care if it cost me my existance, just as long as I can kill them! I want to kill them with everything I have! Those beasts! Those monsters! THOSE....SITH'ARIANS!!!!!". And with that, Korin's body falls into the fiery maw of where Zarvik rised from, with Zack looking down with sadness and reverts back to normal Alpha Omega Wolfian form.

With Korin's defeat, Zack gives a sad, tearful victory and hugs Selia. However, The Death Brothers, along with Adas and Vrook, appear from a distance from Zack and Selia and tell him that it's not over, not by a long shot. They point their hands to where Korin fell and Zack and Selia to the direction. Within seconds, Korin's charred, disfigured corpse rises to the edge of the cliff and with a dark aura surrounding his body. Zack and Selia look shocked and The Death Brothers say that anger, hatred, jealousy, and the pure evil that lives inside Korin, has transformed him from the inside-out into a true Dark God. They finally say that his rule over the world of infinite existance WILL rise again. But this time, as the infinite existance filled in evil and darkness. Korin nows crawls back to the ground and his body begins to pulp out of control. And at that moment, he screams in anger and pain, and his body explodes. Zack protects Selia from the explosion of dark evil energy. As the smoke clears, they see Korin's body transformed into a manifestation of nothing but pure evil and all things vile. The Death Brothers, Vrook, and Adas say that Korin is no more, and that only his evil is what keeps his vengeance remaining.

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