The Gravemind is a mass of corpses that is fuesed together endlessly to create a near-omniscient entity with total control over the power of the Black Plague Virus, and to those who were infected or on the living dead. It serves as a major antagonist in The Final War Arc, alongside Shang Hellstrom and Alpha Omega. It was finally slain by Kain's fire elemental power.

Life CycleEdit





Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Gravemind is a powerful entity of both telepathic and undying power, as both a god-like and collective undead body. It has the following abilities:

Universal TelepathyEdit

The Gravemind has a vast and near-limitless telepathic power of the mind. It is capable of speaking to other beings from a universal-range, and even send and receive information.

Black Plague/Undead ControlEdit

Becuase it serves as a collective dominant mind over the dead and mutants, the Gravemind has absolute control over the undead and the Black Plague Mutants. It can command them to follow its orders without any needed effort, and they comply without struggle.

Mass RegenerationEdit

Due to it being an entity of massive proportions of flesh and blood, the Gravemind can regrow and regenerate itself automatically from any damage. However, its only weakness is from the elemental power of fire, thus preventing it from regenerating as a result.

Massive Infectious TentaclesEdit

Due to being an entity of infection and death, the Gravemind's tentacles serve as its primary use of weapons to defend itself, or to kill its enemies. They can even kill opponents by contact, or even infect them to become undead or Black Plage Mutants. However, it cannot infect those with strong wills, but can still act as a poisonous disease nontheless.


Because it has consumed countless bodies, both their flesh and intelligence, the Gravemind is a collective consciousness of knowledge and wisdom. It even stated that know everything from rock, metal, and even time.

Final DestructionEdit


  • The Gravemind is based on and inspired by the one from the Halo series.

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