Kaden Ragnos
Kaden Ragnos 2
Kaden Ragnos


The Crimson-White Haired Boy


5 (Biologically now 14)


Alpha Omega Wolfian/Sith'arian hybrid




Zack Xargus
Pride (Zack)
Lust (Zack)


Prince to the Sith Empire
Drama Actor

Martial Status:

Married (At 18)




Zack Xargus


Death Scar

Kaden Ragnos is the son of Kain and Kallen Ragnos, and also the older twin brother of Dawn Ragnos. He is a supporting character for most of the story.


He has white hair, which takes after his grandfather, along with red shricks. Light skin. Gold eyes. And has a tattoo on his back neck area.


Kaden has a quiet, calm and collected persona, and mostly sits around reading a book. He may appear to be laidback, comical and lazy, but Kaden has a serious side and the mind of an intelligent strategist. He is also considered by most people to be a delinquent, as he has a tattoo on his back neck area, but he just simply ignores this completely. He also happens to be very dramatic in drama plays, which makes him very talented in the art of role-playing with a sense of great skill and emotion. Though he has a cold and highly matured exterior, he also has a shy and nervous side, as he had a hard time trying to ask Naldia out on a date, but was able to pass with flying colors with Lust's advice.

Keden is also very dependable and reliable, as he was trying to calm down Dark Zack from letting his uncontrolled emotions overtake him and help him save Dawn by keeping his composure. Though this lead to a near-death quarrel in his efforts to help his soon-to-be brother-in-law, Dark Zack regained his cool and knew that Kaden was just trying to help from the beginning.



The Sword of Destiny ArcEdit

Dark Evolution ArcEdit

The Revelation ArcEdit

Bonding Journies Arc (Bonus 2)Edit

The Great Droid War ArcEdit

Battle of the Gods ArcEdit

Shattered Memories ArcEdit

Rings of Naught ArcEdit

Resurrection of Evil ArcEdit

Dualing Championship ArcEdit

Sith'arianfication ExamEdit

Date adviceEdit

Zack VS the Ragnos Brothers finaleEdit


The Final War ArcEdit

A New Beginning Arc (Bonus 5)Edit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immense Strength:
  • Immense Endurance:
  • Immense Durability:
  • Immense Speed:
  • Immense Reflexes:
  • Immense Flexibility:
  • Immense Agility:
  • Immense Power Level:
  • Fire & Ice manipulation:

Dark ModeEdit


Kaden's Dark Mode

Kaden is able to enter Dark Mode from his own training in the darkness, and use its power without trouble. It has the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Flexibility:
  • Enhanced Agility:
  • Enhanced Power Level:
  • Enhanced Fire & Ice Manipulation:


When Kaden passed the exams and attained the rank of a Sith'arian, he had finally gained the prestige of acquiring the Sith'arianfication form. However, when the process began, his mind, body, heart and soul were conflicted by the darkness and light of his existence, and he went berserk as a result. After the intervention by Lust, he finally maintained this form with full control. It has the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Flexibility:
  • Enhanced Agility:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Enhnaced Power Level:
  • Enhanced Fire & Ice Manipulation:

Alpha Omega Wolfian/Sith'arianficationEdit


Family & RelativesEdit


Zack XargusEdit

Naldia KonaEdit

Kain RagnosEdit

Kallen RagnosEdit

Dawn RagnosEdit

Akuhiei RagnosEdit

Marka RagnosEdit

Tahlia RagnosEdit

Lust (Zack)Edit



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