Flames of Destiny: The Legion of Kraynos Chronicles


Darth Kraynos
Viloura Xargus
Aeon Xen
Neon Xen


Jesus Almighty
Mary Almighty
Vrook Lamar
Jedi Order
Anti-Alien League
Sith Empire
Galactic Republic

Opening Theme:

Time is changing

Ending Theme:




The story begins to the point where Viloura was brought into the Jedi Academy sometime when she was born. Kreia was the person who brought her in and trained her from that point on. Meanwhile, the story also involves the soon-to-be Legion of kraynos superiors and leaders.

Chapter 1Edit

Chapter 2Edit

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Chapter 7Edit

Chapter 8Edit

Chapter 9Edit

Chapter 10Edit

Chapter 11Edit

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Chapter 13Edit

Chapter 14Edit

Chapter 15Edit

Chapter 16Edit

Chapter 17Edit

Chapter 18Edit

Chapter 19Edit

Chapter 20Edit


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